1.Power Supply: AC90V-250V, 50/60HZ

2.LED Quantity(pcs/unit): 64pcs

3.Light Resource: 5050 SMD 3in 1


5.Input voltage:AC90~240V

7.Net weight:8.8KG

8.Refresh rate:400Hz



11.Cover color:Black

12.Housing Material: ABS

13.Supporting weight:500KG/m2

14.Protection Level Front: IP65 Back:IP55

15.Cover Material:Tempered glass

16.Beam angle:120 Degree

17.Working temperature: -20~ +45 Degree

18.Isolating Grade:CLASSE II

19.Control mode:SD  Control & PC control

20. Power supply built-in



LED digital dance floor, it’s the classic and best-selling so far!  Elegant graceful dynamic light shadow, like long-lost sweet melody, staggered beauty, simple and beautiful. LED digital dance floor solve the blank of the entertainment industry’s ground effect, make up for the integrity of the entertainment space, so that the stage space presents a three-dimensional beauty of the texture.

A. Waterproof

B. Colorful change

C. Wear-resistant

D. Bearing strong

E. Wide range of the applications

F. First connection created in this industry, 1 second to install

G. Easy to operate

Club, Party, Dj, Events, bar, ktv, Exhibition, concert, T-stage, shopping corridor, production conference


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