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Input Impedance 10 kΩ
Output Impedance <50 Ω
CMRR >50 dB (30Hz~20KHz)
Max. Output level Vpp=4V balance, Vpp=7.6V unbalance
Frequency response 20Hz~20.0kHz
Input/Output Gain -40~+6.0 dB, step 0.5dB
Max. Delay Time 7ms
EQ Quantity Each channel has a 5-band parametric equalizer
EQ Gain -12~12dB,step 0.1dB
EQ Classification Parametric, L-Shelf 6dB, L-Shelf 12dB, H-shelf 6dB, H-shelf 12dB
EQ Frequency 20Hz~20 KHz
EQ Q value 0.4~128, total 100 options
Low-shelf frequency 20Hz~1KHz
Hi-shelf frequency 1KHz~20KHz
Shelf Gain -12~12dB, step 0.1dB
Frequency(HPF) 10Hz~16.0KHz
Frequency(LPF) 35Hz~22.0KHz
Crossover Classification Butterworth 6dB、12dB、18dB、24dB、48dB
Bessel 12dB、18dB、24dB、48dB
Linkwitz-Riley 24dB、48dB
Limiter Threshold -20~+15dB
Attack time 1~100ms
Hold time 0~100ms
Decline time 10~1000ms
Distortion 0.001% (THD)
Input level indicator -30dB, -24dB, -12dB, -6dB,-3dB, 0dB, Clip
Output level indicator -30dB, -24dB, -12dB, -6dB,-3dB, Limit, Clip
LCD Display 2X20
Voltage 90-250V/AC 50Hz-60Hz
Weight 3.6 kg
Size 482mm×218mm×45mm



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