Selectum Luxury Resort – Belek

-Selectum Luxury Resort

The facility has an area of ​​95.000 m2 and has 400 rooms. There are 192 luxury, 49 luxury, 100 families, 36 superior, 6 suites, 10 premium suites, 4 executive residences, 2 king residences and 1 presidential residence.


S Arena has two parts. There are various activities, concerts and animation shows in the stage part. Parties are organized on the sea side.


Transparent P15,6 was used at the beach side of S Arena. The transparent screen was preferred because of the high wind and high humidity in this area. To avoid these problems, Megavision P15,6 with many outdoor protections such as anti-corrossion was preferred. The screen size is 24 square meters.


S Arena is designed in oval shape and the back of the stage is curved. Megavision Space Pro Curved series is installed at the same angle. The screen, which looks like a whole when viewed from the front of the stage, is divided into pieces on the left and right and the transition of animators are provided behind the scenes. In this way, animations can be provided more realistically. The screen is 60 square meters in total.

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