-Soho Club

Soho Club is the best and largest night club in Antalya. Soho Club Antalya, which has a special place among the Antalya nightclubs that extend beyond the borders of the country, is especially appreciated for its DJ performances. Soho Club is the ideal night club for dancing and amazing hours as you enter the rhythm of the music as soon as you enter. Soho Club Antalya is also filling the eye with its different style of entertainment.
Soho Club Antalya is one of the most frequented night spots of foreign tourists coming to our country. Being one of the most special places of Antalya nightlife attracts the attention of foreign tourists. Antalya has the best dance floor among the night clubs. Antalya nightlife enthusiasts who want to dance, especially for this Soho Club Antalya is preferred.

-Soho Club Led Display

A different atmosphere was created in the club with three-dimensional effects with the backstage, side columns, dj front and led screens placed on the ceiling. With the special cabinet design of Megavision Mega X series, the screen was installed on the ceiling to fit special effects thanks to flexible installation possibilities. Total screen size is 30 m²


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